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Prodalmar is a Venezuelan company founded in 2000 with the commitment to permanently supply whole shrimp and shrimp tails in their different presentations to be distributed in the national and international market.



To offer maquila services for shrimp (litopenaeus vannamei) in compliance with all the norms and regulations required by national and international markets.

In our company we have qualified personnel, experts in technology and quality, for each of the processes of transformation and conservation of our product.


To place ourselves in the first place within the fishing and aquaculture sector as the best Maquila Service provider, both nationally and internationally, providing all our knowledge to offer quality in the different presentations of the product, all adapted to the needs of the client and consumer.

Company policy

It is Company Policy and Commitment to permanently supply Whole Shrimp (HOSO), Shrimp Tail (HLSO), and its Fresh Frozen Value Added presentations such as: PUD T-On, PUD T-Off, P&D T-On, P&D T-Off, Ez-Peel T-Off, PPV T-On, PPV T-Off, PTTY On and Pre-cooked, for National and International markets, following quality standards, adhering to a HACCP System and due production techniques required to safely handle, produce and distribute a safe product, quality and properly presented, thus guaranteeing a service that meets the needs of our customers through certification mechanisms, staff training and continuous improvement management in all production processes.

Ensuring the expansion of the company in the markets where it participates and also contributing to the improvement of the quality of life of its workers, the conservation of the environment and a continuous improvement management in all production processes. Guaranteeing with this, a service that meets the needs of our customers.


Our company is committed to the environment and our community, therefore all our processes are meticulously taken care of to achieve an organic and high quality product to the final consumer.

Our Products



Certificate of Registration with Control Union Peru S.A.C., with MSC Chain of Custody Standard: version 5.0 by default. Certification Date: 11-August-2021 Valid until: 10-August-2024
Certificate of Registration with U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updated on date August, 19, 2021.
Registration with the European Union as fishing companies. Valid since 04-November-2013.
Registration of registration before General Administration of Customs, P.R. China. Valid as of 22-March-2021.

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We are located at: Av. 1 between streets 4 and 6. sector la ensenada. Chiquinquira Parish. La Cañada de Urdaneta, Zulia, Venezuela.